Black Salt Jar 30ml


A witch can require lots of different things in her arsenal, for spells, rituals and more. And, there isn’t always time available to produce them yourself. Life is busy these days, so let us take some of the efforts out of gathering what you need.

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We offer supply cupboard items like this black salt jar, because we know as a witch it can take a lot of effort to find the ingredients you need. And often those supplies come parcelled in single-use plastic, well, not here. We’re pleased to say that all our supplies come in reusable glass jars. They are miniature in size and we fill them with 30ml of your chosen supply. This means that once you use your goods from us, you can just keep on reusing the jars for anything you want to store in future! And if there’s something you’re looking for, let us know!

Black Salt Jar

Handmade Black salt measuring 30ml in a mini jar.

Use this black salt to dress candles, make spell jars and floor washes.

Our black salt contains:
Sea Salt
Burnt herbs
Black Pepper

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