Crown Chakra Embroidery


This hand-sewn silk stitch depiction of the Crown Chakra is perfect to hang in your home, above your alter or where you practise yoga. An ideal present for anyone in touch with their spirituality.

Read on for more information on the Chakras!

This embroidery is sold in the hoop, which measures approx. 23cm (9in) and is on Aida fabric.

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This Crown Chakra Embroidery reflects spirituality. Who wouldn’t love that in their lives?

The Chakras are the seven main energy centres on the body. They’re each located in a separate place, and correspond to different traits. When one experiences blocked energy in any of these 7 areas, issues and disturbances can be seen. These changes can come into manifestation mentally, and in some cases physically. So it is always a good idea to do some work on clearing your Chakras and preventing any future issues. As when well maintained, the energy centres promote harmony of mind, body and spirit.


Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is otherwise known as Sahasrara. Its location is above the head. A purple ‘thousand’-petal flower represents this centre, as has been depicted in this crown chakra embroidery. And, it has links to the deity,  Shiva, whose role is to destroy the universe in order to re-create it. In a meditative state, the chant ‘Aum’ can help to stabilise the chakra. Additionally, mantras linked to the chakra should begin with ‘I Understand‘.
Physically, the Crown Chakra has links to the brain, spinal cord, eye, and cerebral cortex.  This means that should there be any blockages, these may manifest as the following illnesses: Parkinson’s; Alzheimers or dementia; memory loss; schizophrenia. It may also become apparent in feelings of loneliness, frustration, anger, confusion and envy. 
Emotionally, it governs; consciousness, unity, awareness, enlightenment, spiritual awakening and oneness. When the chakra is free-flowing it may bring the connection to your higher self and the universe, and the ability to see the bigger picture into your life. 
Crystals with links to the Sacral chakra include: lepidolite; citrine; moldavite; beryl; quartz. However, you can read more on all our crystals in their individual listings in-store. We also include the Chakra and Zodiac that they correspond with. 
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