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Christmas shipping deadline for this product is Nov 27th. All decisions must be made by 30th Nov, after this point, we can’t guarantee it will arrive for Xmas.

If you want something a little more personal, made just for you or a friend, this is for you. We select the healing crystals best suited for your needs. Read on to find out more

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For your custom made crystal jewellery order we need to know a few things. Simply tell us a little about the person that the jewellery is being made for. Any physical, emotional, workplace or magical issues that you wish the chosen crystal to help. And let us know too if there’s any colours to stay away from at this point!
For example, you may say that you wish the crystal to help a writer who is suffering from creative block, they also suffer from depression and arthritis. Or to help someone who’s struggling to juggle an illness and their work, and they need strength and support. Or someone who is finding sleep hard, or heartbreak. You get the gist, it can be anything you need it to be!

We will come back to you with at least two options for you to choose from, maybe more. And we will try to cover as many bases in the crystals as we can, but will let you know what they are and what they do. Then it’s up to you to make your choice and let us know!

Once we know what you want we will get making. As we start to make them after you’ve confirmed your crystal selection there is a 3 week turnaround time from the date of that agreement, though we try to get them with you as soon as possible! We will then ship your custom made crystal jewellery to you with a fact card on your selected crystal and packaged up in our eco friendly packaging!

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