Purple Tourmaline Necklace wrapped in Silver plated copper


Trust your intuition, if you feel drawn to a crystal Crystals can be powerful healers, both physically and emotionally*. The vibrations and energy that each type gives off is different, and affects us in a different way. Too often our jewellery is thought of as purely decorative, but why shouldn’t your crystals work for you, just because they are hung from your neck, rather than in your hand?  

This Purple Tourmaline necklace is perfect for story tellers, people fighting depression, those looking to increase their intuition and visualisation skills, and as a gift for a lover.

The stone measures approx. 2cmW x 2cmL x 1.5cmH and is wrapped in silver-plated copper wire. The total length of the pendant is approx 6.2cm.

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Trust your intuition, if you feel drawn to a crystal. Crystals can be powerful healers, both physically and emotionally*.

This Purple Tourmaline necklace is perfect for story tellers, people fighting depression, those looking to increase their intuition and visualisation skills, and as a gift for a lover.

Is this Purple Tourmaline necklace calling your name? Trust your gut. The vibrations and energy that each crystal gives off are different and alternately affects us. Make your jewellery do the work, too often we disregard the stones that hang from our neck, when they may be healing us! All of our crystals are cleansed in the light of a full moon and jewellery is made with good and healing intention. With your new necklace, we provide a care sheet and information on your chosen materials.

Want more oomph? Treat yourself to an anointing oil in the same transaction and we will perform a ritual on your new Purple Tourmaline Necklace, and to top it off we will send you the 25ml bottle so you can boost it whenever you need to! Just look for it in our listings.

We’ll ship your new jewellery to you in an organza bag, in a pillow box. Buying for a gift? Add gift wrapping! Not out of the broom closet yet? Let us know so we can make our branding inconspicuous!
To keep your new item in tip-top shape we advise not to wear perfumes or moisturisers where your jewellery may touch as this can alter the materials used.  

Purple Tourmaline Properties 

This beautiful purple stone is told apart from Amethyst by its opacity and translucency when held at different angles.
Zodiac link to Pisces. Chakra link to Heart and Brow.

Gift Purple Tourmaline as a devotion to your partner, but before you do, hold and think of the aspirations you have for your future together to manifest them. If you find it hard to trust yourself and your intuition wear this crystal. It also increases that ability to visualise, and therefore the power of the law of attraction. Wear the stone to live in a more imaginative way. For example, it helps in the ability to tell stories, and aids in stimulating children to weave their own. Purple Tourmaline has anti-depressant effects. And it is also thought to enhance modern depression medicine and other therapies. It reduces compulsive behaviours and allows the wearer to socialise and relax more freely.

Workwise, this is the perfect stone for any writers, musicians, life coaches or dream analysts.

Physically, it helps to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome. As well as easing symptoms of Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, migraines, thyroid, pineal gland, and neurological dysfunctions.


Silver-plated Copper Properties 

Zodiac links to Cancer. Chakra links to Sacral.  

Silver was considered sacred to the Moon, and the ancient Moon Goddesses of pre-Christian times. It is one of the most well-known precious metals. 

The inner copper enhances the properties of the silver that surrounds it, making the silver even more potent. The silver itself doubles the power of crystals. Especially when housed in wire, without drilling, as most of our items are.  The metal gains energy from the waxing and full moons. So, on a full moon burn a ring of silver candles around your jewellery. This will infuse the crystals with the moon’s potency. And when the moon is first seen in its waxing stage after a dark moon, tradition dictates that if you turn the item three times it will attract abundance and success.  Silver attracts love, especially young or new love, or that after betrayal. It also has strong links to fertility and wearing jewellery can attract love, prosperity and aid with fertility. 

At work, the metal gives the wearer patience and can protect customer-facing staff from energy vampires and negativity
Physically, Silver can lend a hand to detoxing, pineal and pituitary glands, speech, digestion of essential elements, migraines, fluid retention, circulation, and wounds. In addition, it may help with PMS, menstruation, pregnancy, hormonal issues, and helping women at all life stages to value and care for their body in general. 

* Please note: Use any items as a complementary therapy only. They should not replace any diagnostic processes or medical advice with this purple tourmaline necklace, or any other of our products.  We are not medical professionals. Any purchases from us do not replace the need to see a Doctor or other medical professional. All properties disclosed come from folklore, they are not scientifically proven, and you may not benefit from them.   
**Due to the nature of plated metals, the material underneath may come through over time. This process may happen quicker if lotions or perfumes come into direct contact with the metals. This doesn’t alter the properties described on this page in any way. We believe it is the jewellery adapting to its owner. If you’d like to protect this from happening completely, there are certain sealants that you can purchase. We take no responsibility for the item with the use of these products.


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