Rune Set Mini Burnt Elder Futhark and Elements Box


This set contains 24 wooden discs, each with an Elder Futhark rune symbol and decoration carefully hand-burnt with a pyrography machine. The runes themselves are approximately 1-2 cm in diameter and come housed in a beautiful square box that has been decoratively burnt with the 4 elements. The box measures 9cmW x 8.5cmL ( 9cm with clasp) x 5.6cmT and is the perfect piece for any altar.

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Love divination? Want a change from Tarot? This Elder Futhark Rune set mini could be for you! What’s stopping you?

The runes themselves date back to around 300AD, where the 24 characters were once in use across Northern Europe. Ancient artefacts and carvings have been unearthed, featuring runic symbols as adornment and messages. These found inscriptions are usually short, some people think that they are secret codes or may have mystical connotations. Like much other knowledge of our ancestors, information sources on runic meaning, origins and uses vary due to the lack of written documentation, and loss of the old ways.

Nowadays, people use runes as a form of divination, much like they would with tarot cards. They can help to show you likely outcomes of what may happen. The pieces you select show you what may be. Though if you don’t like what you see, remember that you are able to alter the course by going in a different direction. You can also use individual runes as talismans or sigils, alongside your craft or separately. How you use them, is entirely up to you.

Are you drawn to this Rune set?

In this Elder Futhark burnt Rune set mini, there are 24 runes. Each piece has been sawn and sanded from reclaimed or fallen wood that has been seasoned, each with a different Elder Futhark character hand-burnt on. While creating the set, we keep knowledge of the runes, and intentions of the individual meanings of each character in mind, charging each piece in their creation. This beautiful set also comes with a hand-burnt presentation box, perfect for keeping as a focal piece on your altar. We make all of our rune sets with love, care, and intention. They’ve also spent a night charging in the light of the full moon.

All purchases of rune sets come with our own ebook which contains a brief history, meanings of each rune, different draws, and how to read them. We’ll send this to the email address that you registered with. We’ll send it to you when we dispatch your item out to you, so please check your folders for the file once you get your shipping confirmation.

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