Self Love Anointing Oil


The uses for this Anointing Oil are endless! Some popular methods are to dress your candle for spellwork or to give your crystals, and crystal jewellery an added boost. In fact, order an oil with a necklace and we will perform an anointing ritual for you, then send you the rest to repeat as you deem fit!

This Love Thyself Anointing Oil promotes self-love and self-care. An important part of our lives that no one should skimp on. Workings with this oil can be done for yourself, or to promote these qualities in others.

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This Self Love Anointing Oil is perfect for use on items such as candles, crystals and crystal jewellery, and items used in self-care such as hairbrushes or makeup packaging.

Self-love and self-care are two practices we know that we should be doing, but it’s not always that easy. And, learning to ‘Love Thyself’ is a process that can take time, effort and unearthing of buried memories, thoughts and emotions.

This Self Love Anointing Oil is here to give your efforts an extra pep. Each bottle we craft lovingly, cleanse all items, and put together during spellwork to help the end-user find the love for themselves that they should have. We, as humans, have been brought up in an environment where loving yourself is seen as a bad thing. Additionally, confidence and taking time out for yourself is looked on as vain and self-centred. So, we want you to break the mould, we want you to love who you are, love what you look like and love your personality. You can do it. Honestly. We’ll be honest again, you don’t need an oil for it, but it will for sure break your walls down faster and help you fall for the beautiful person you truly are!

Love Thyself Oil

All ingredients have been selected for their loving properties, and we’ll be doing a blog post around this soon to tell you the properties of each one and why we selected them!

In the 25ml bottle is:

Sweet Almond Oil (base)
Rose petals
Cinamon bark
Rose Quartz crystals
Amethyst Crystals
Jasmin Essential oil
Lavender Essential oil
Cinnamon Essential oil

* Please note: Use any items as a complementary therapy only. They should not replace any diagnostic processes or medical advice with this Self Love Anointing Oil, or any other of our productsWe are not medical professionals. Any purchases from us do not replace the need to see a Doctor or other medical professional. All properties disclosed come from folklore, they are not scientifically proven, and you may not benefit from them. 
**We do not recommend this oil for use on the body. Please do not use the oil internally, or on any product which will later be used on the skin. We take no responsibility for any effects if use is in such a way of ignoring our advice.
***The base oil in use for this bottle is sweet almond. Please let us know if you have any allergies and we can craft you a new blend using a different base.



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