So Mote It Be Wand


Need an extra something for your altar? Want a wand to direct your power and energies? Need an awesome present for a practising witch? We got you.

Hand-carved and decorated by us, to help you channel your energy into your spell work.

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This So Mote It Be wand has, as the name says, the phrase ‘So mote it be’ in a runic style spiraling down the wand. This makes it the perfect wand for any spell work, especially that using more traditional phrasing and ritual. This wand is the perfect shape for any lefties out there!

All of our wands are carved by hand, by us. We whittle and sand them from fallen or salvaged branches that come across our path. No tree is cut for us to make our wands. And we weather and season the wood we keep for at least a year, to minimise splitting. We burn all decoration on by hand with a pyrography machine. At the time of decorating the wands, we choose our design based on what resonates with the nature of the wood itself. Finally, wax or a thin coat of varnish seals the wood to maintain the wand for as long as possible, without taking away the feel or nature that we love. At all points in the process, we keep magical intent in our work. Both protection and power charge this wand. This So Mote It Be Wand is no different. But has the empowerment of the knowledge that your intent will be so.


We all know, if not only from movies and tv, that a witch’s wands purpose is for spell casting and ritual work. The reason behind this is it is a vessel to channel a witches energy into a singular point, for she or he to direct as they wish. A witch does not need a wand to perform spellwork, or ritual, it can be substituted with an index finger! But many a witch have a wand for the more complex or ritual based spell or ceremony. Use a wand for healing and charging in much the same way. On your altar, the wand is a symbol of one of the four elements. Though most frequently it is one of air or fire. Though when assembling your altar, it is more important to see what resonates with you, than what other sources quote. As with everything, use your intuition.

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