Spiritual Aura Satya Incense Sticks


We have some 3rd party products that are tested, tried and true. This is one of them! Satya Incense sticks are convenient and smell wonderful too!

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Spiritual Aura Incense

We want you to have everything you need for your magical needs, in one place! This means that we supply some 3rd party goods. However, we only supply the things that we use ourselves in our craft, and if we aren’t happy with the product, we won’t sell it to you. And, if you don’t see this disclaimer on an item, that means it is produced by us!

Satya are our go-to incense stick brand, every fragrance we’ve ever tried has been a crowd-pleaser. So that’s why we are confidently stocking them here.

15 gram box with the scent Spiritual Aura.

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