The reason that crystals are so great for using in spell work is that they each carry their own properties. Read on to know how to discover them.

The reason that crystals are so great for using in spell work is that they each carry their own properties. But how do you even begin to start understanding your crystals and how they may guide you? This is, of course, true of many things in nature. A quick google of “* insert crystal name* properties” is always a good starting point. It will certainly give you a good sense of what you can expect from new additions to your collection.

But, just because Google says that Rose Quartz is for love, yours may be otherwise inclined. I’ve found a better way to know what a crystal’s strengths are, is by letting it tell you. You don’t have to wine and dine it and don’t worry, I’m aware crystals can’t talk. To ask and learn all you need is yourself, your crystal, and less than 20 minutes:

Meditate on it and Listen

Sit yourself in a quiet place that you won’t be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths that fill your belly, feel the cleansing energy filling your pelvis. Ground yourself. You can do this by imagining roots growing from your tailbone, anchoring deep in the ground. Your roots draw earth’s energy up into your body. Make sure your mind is free of thought and distraction. Once ready pick up your crystal. Hold it in your hands however is comfortable, and for as long as you need to. Notice what thoughts that come to mind, how you feel and if you see anything. Once happy you know, thank the crystal and wiggle your fingers and toes.

Undertanding your crystals - hand holding Quartz point over plants

If you didn’t get anything, try again for up to 20 minutes a day, for the next few days and get to know it. Alternatively, you can carry the rock in a pocket for a couple of days, and note how it makes you feel. You can also do a similar exercise by sleeping with it under your pillow. Sometimes I do all three methods to feel the energy at its fullest. You can do this any time you feel called to. On occasion, I have walked by my altar and had a feeling that I need to hold a certain stone, but not knowing why. I urge you to go with the flow, humour your intuition and you may learn something.

Putting Your Stones to Use

My Amazonite is a healer, it calls to me when I’m in physical pain. The piece of Fluorite I own, I noticed made me concentrate and focus. So I gave it to my OH to carry in an interview, and it was the best he’s ever felt about one, ever! And upon meditating with my Selenite, I saw bright white light that cleansed and purified. Trust your gut first, google after.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that other stones of the same type can have different purposes. If I were to get another Amazonite now, when meditating I may feel relaxation, instead of healing. Let the stone tell you what it does, rather than you defining it. Be open, trust your gut and then you can truly begin understanding your crystals and the guidance and gifts they bring to your life.

Your spell work will be far stronger if you use true energy, that is felt, rather than because you read it in a book. However, don’t let this stop you using correspondences in a pinch. If you have none that speak of love energy, because your rose quartz prefers peace, using it is better than none. Merely charge it with the intention of love, prior to any spell work.

I’d love to know how you practice understanding your crystals, and what methods you take. What have you found out about them and do you use them for multiple purposes, or purely those they tell you?