Wiccan Witch Embroidery in Pink Heart


Are you a Witch and as proud of that as we are? Need some decoration for your ritual space? Have a friend who’s a witch, or do you plain up just want to call someone a witch, in a loving way? We have the perfect item for you! 

This embroidery is sold in the hoop, which measures approx. 16cm (6.3in) and is on unbleached cotton calico fabric.

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How better to show your love for a fellow witch, or your pride in who you are than with this Wiccan Witch embroidery? 

Is the area above your altar or ritual space looking a little bare, if so, why not hang some wall art in keeping with yourself!  This piece is lovingly hand-stitched in a beautiful deep purple thread. Power and protection intentions were in mind while using silk stitch on unbleached cotton calico. The words ‘Wiccan Witch’ shines through in the natural beige fabric, and the blue heart envelops it. Prop up on our altar or hang on your wall with a picture hook from the hoop itself. However you choose to display this Wiccan Witch embroidery it will make a lovely addition to any home. This is the perfect gift for any practising witch who takes pride in who they are and their spiritual choices!

Witches come in many shapes and sizes, it is a gender-neutral term. It is only Hollywood that has taught us differently. It taught us that the male term for a witch is a warlock, but this is not true. A warlock was, in fact, a person cast out from a coven. Often they were people that infiltrated groups of witches to find out who they were so they could be reported and burnt. The word encompasses a wide range of people from varying religions and backgrounds. Witchcraft itself is not a religion, but a practice. However, there are religions based around witchcraft, such as Wicca, for example. To be a witch is to practise the craft in a way that calls to your spirit, there are no hard and fast rules here.

Wiccan Witches

There are varying types of witches, you can be all or none, dependant on your craft, and how you wish to categorise yourself (or not). Wicca is one of the few paths in Witchcraft that are is a recognised modern religion. Wicca is also one of the most well-known paths that witches choose to follow. It owes much of its origins to Gerald Gardner, who developed the Gardnerian practice. The practice includes the worship of gods or deities, that represent the male and female aspects. It also follows the wheel of the year and celebrates seasonal holidays such as Samhain, Ostara and Yule. There are two main codes that Wiccans practice in their craft. The first being ‘The Wiccan Rede’, which states “An’ harm ye none, do what ye will”. The second is the threefold law, which states that any good, or bad, that a witch does, will come back to them three times over.

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