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When I first started to look at Witchy books again, after a few years of losing myself, browsing the shelves of Waterstones, this was one that caught my eye. After a flick through the pages of Witch by Lisa Lister, I wanted to read it. The cover artwork was simple yet captivating. And the “Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic” tagline captured the essence of what I needed to read at that very moment. I needed something to remember who I am and to be proud of it.

It seemed like an informative book, that wasn’t straight up Wiccan. I don’t believe that there is anything wrong wit being Wiccan, but when I was first buying witchcraft books, it was the only subject that I could find. So 15 year old me thought that Wicca was the only way to be a witch. I, of course, know now that this is far from the case, but it doesn’t resonate with me so there is no wonder why I broke from the path for a while.

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My budget couldn’t stretch to a new book, so I went home and began to add the books I found to my wishlist on Amazon. As I added the book Witch by Lisa Lister, it was on offer for 99p. A sign. I bought it there and then. Why wouldn’t you?

The Book

The book is well written and starts well. It gives a lot of useful information, such as types of witches and explanations of them. As I said above, it is written as a general approach to witchcraft, she is not Wiccan, but a hereditary witch with, I believe, Gypsy heritage.

She is an author of two other books, ‘Code Red’ and ‘Love Your Lady Landscape’, as well as ‘Witch’. Code Red focuses on your period, understanding it and how to use it to your advantage. Love Your Lady Landscape, on self-love, what it is to be a woman, and taking back the power that women once had and have consequently been made to feel guilty for. Her themes that are in the first two resonate through the third.

And why shouldn’t it?

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Witchcraft is, after all, harnessing your own power and your own energy. As a woman, your womb is one of your powers. Although, admittedly, if you have an illness such as Endometriosis (like me!) it may seem like the opposite. But she covers this too, much to my surprise. And frankly, it made me feel more comfortable and understand my body a little better. After reading her words I felt a little less of a victim to my disease, and more empowered to use it in my work.

For those reasons though, if you aren’t a woman, this isn’t the book for you. You will still get a lot of use from it, but more than half you’ll be skimming past. It is ‘unapologetically’, as she says, aimed at the female reader.

Lisa’s book is a great read for discussion and information on spiritual awakenings, checking in with yourself, and aligning yourself with Mother Nature. At the end, you will feel the need to explore your inner workings, your relationship with the earth and your ancestry. She even provides some walkthroughs of how to do some of those via meditation.

It took me less than a week to read Witch by Lisa Lister, that should say it all really. Though I did find the last stretch a little tougher to get through. It began to get a little repetitive on the finding yourself and your place, and the useful information that accompanied this talk in the first half dried up somewhat. I’m not a fan of books that spoon-feed you spells and ritual, but there is a lot more information a witch can learn. Some of that information could have been at home in the second half of the book.

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Final Thoughts

Witch by Lisa Lister is a must-read if your period is causing you pain and upset, even if it is a diagnosed condition. If you are a baby witch and yuo feel like you need to find your own place, this will make you really consider where you already are and open your eyes to the fact that you are already stong and empowered, you just need to know it.

If you are looking for a guide book, you haven’t found it. If you are looking to do some personal inner work, to align your body and your mind with your path, this is the book for you. If you are woman and you want people to hear you roar, read this now.

I have 3 scores to give to Witch by Lisa Lister

8/10 is my score. As a woman with Endometriosis who needed help not to hate her body for destroying her life, and to find ways to incorporate that power into my work.

6/10 is the score I would give it if I didn’t have a hatred for my womb, past me.

2/10 would be the score if I were a man. There is a bit of information to pick up on it, but about 85% of the book is ‘unapologetically’ aimed at women alone.

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